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Our expertise is based on international academic and professional experience with some of the best examples and practices worldwide. Our mission is to provide affordable, professional, innovative and effective solutions to the current problems of business and administrative organizations, and thus contribute to their sustainable development and growth.

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StratVision Strategy Management

The main service in our product portfolio is the comprehensive strategic consulting, giving a broad and multidimensional view of your business at the operational, tactical and strategic levels. With our help you will find out exactly where your company is located and will...

StratVision Operations Excellence and Corporate Finance

Another classic service we can offer you is the analysis of the processes in your business and the preparation of plans, respectively carrying out their optimization. In addition, we can assist you in managing your finances and allocating them.


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StratEra Consulting

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StratEra Consulting

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The main offering in our portfolio is the providing of individual consulting service, tailored to the specific case, based on our experience, skills and knowledge in solving complex economic, financial and management tasks. The range of problems that we can solve extends to different areas of your business - from internal organization and process optimization, through production, logistics and marketing, sales, and distribution to the overall strategy for the development of the company and its optimal market positioning. Our experience in various industries and clients guarantees a broad view and the provision of innovative and advanced solutions that are not so accessible to the general public.
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